Why Gov. Thomas Johnson had to pull the plug on its varsity football season

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With questions swirling around the present and future of the Thomas Johnson varsity football program, coach Bobby Humphries and athletic director Mike Chavez are the guests this week on The Final Score podcast.

On Monday, the school decided to pull the plug on the rest of its varsity football season, citing a lack of numbers and player safety. Humphries and Chavez explain to host Greg Swatek why that decision was made and the various factors that went into it. They also share their personal feelings about having to make a decision like that and the reaction of the players to it.

Humphries and Chavez talk about why the TJ football program has fallen so far and what it will take to get it turned around. While TJ’s junior varsity team will continue on with its season, what is the future of the varsity program?

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