Ep. 039 - Shari Ostrow Scher


In 2005 Shari Ostrow Scher founded the Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership, a nonprofit organization which benefits children and families of people held in the Frederick County Adult Detention Center. Ostrow Scher joins host Colin McGuire and News-Post courts reporter Kelsi Loos to discuss the work being done by the one-of-a-kind organization.

Ostro Scher says when a parent is incarcerated the family is almost always thrown into poverty. "That child needs to know that they're going to have their food and their clothing and their life and often that doesn't happen," she said in this latest episode of the Frederick Uncut podcast.

Ep. 038 - Hermine Bernstein

Hermine Bernstein, program coordinator for the Frederick chapter of Blessings in a Backpack, sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Nancy Lavin to talk about her expansion goals, program details and other need-to-knows such as her favorite pizza joint and the fifth-grade teacher who inspired her own teaching career.

Blessings in a Backpack is a national organization that provides meals to students in need on weekends and other times when they will not get food through school lunch programs.

Ep. 037 - Andrea Chapdelaine

Hood College president Andrea Chapdelaine sits down with host Colin McGuire and education reporter Allen Etzler to talk about ongoing higher education issues both locally at Hood College and nationwide.

Chapdelaine, who studied law and social justice in college, talked about free speech on college campuses, and discussed the school's reasoning not to punish the Hood College Republicans for displaying a board with several controversial statements that drew the ire of some students and faculty. 

Ep. 036 - Eric Rhodes

Eric Rhodes, race co-director of the National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race, sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Nancy Lavin to talk about the sixth annual event being held this year on Aug. 12. Rhodes also shares the story of his foray into high wheel cycling and how many high wheel bicycles he actually owns — it’s more than some people’s shoe collections — and how exactly he got the English high wheel bicycle back to Frederick.

Ep. 035 - Shelley Aloi

Host Colin McGuire, a News-Post columnist, and city reporter Mallory Panuska sit down with Aloi and to discuss her background, which includes one term as alderwoman beginning in 2009 and a previous run for mayor, as well as her current campaign and vision for the city.

Editor’s note: A phone number Shelley Aloi gave during the podcast for voters to contact her is no longer valid. She instead has a different number and encourages voters to call anytime with questions and comments. The new number is: 301-682-8889.


Ep. 034 - Chris Kinsler

Chris Kinsler 1.jpg

Producer's note: We're releasing this episode of Frederick Uncut outside of our normal schedule to coincide with a story that is appearing in the News-Post Friday. We will return to our normal schedule Tuesday.

Chris Kinsler, took over duties as editor of The Frederick News-Post this week, joining the organization from The Martinsburg Journal, where he was editor. In this episode host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Cameron Dodd get to know Kinsler and his thoughts on community journalism

Kinsler, 41, brings almost 20 years of experience as a career newspaper reporter and editor. He has worked in sports and news departments since graduating from college in 1998.

Ep. 034 - Mayor Randy McClement

Host Colin McGuire, a News-Post columnist, and city reporter Mallory Panuska sat down with Mayor Randy McClement to discussed how he went from selling printing equipment and running a downtown bagel shop to running the city nearly eight years ago. The mayor also discussed his reelection bid and some high-profile city issues such as downtown blight and also shared what he could regarding the latest developments at the Frederick Towne Mall site.

Ep. 033 - Col. Scott Halter

Col. Scott Halter has a love for Black Hawk helicopters. But they still haven't quite supplanted his first passion in life: American Quarter horses. 

The new commander of the U.S. Army Garrison at Fort Detrick sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post health reporter Kate Masters to discuss his unusual path to military service, which included years of raising and riding horses. The leadership skills he developed in the industry eventually led him to join the ROTC program at the University of Virginia, followed by flight school and an assignment with the Army's 82nd Airborne Division.

Halter also described the intricacies of life on base and shared details from his previous assignment in G8 Force Development at the Pentagon. Most importantly, he spilled details on his favorite junk foods and the best places to eat in Frederick.

EP. 032 - Kenny Poole

Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue services Battalion Chief Kenny Poole talks about the dangers of fireworks and his work as Frederick County Fire Marshal with host Colin McGuire and News-Post crime and public safety reporter Jeremy Arias.

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Ep. 031 - Elizabeth Lucas

Elizabeth Lucas, Producing Artistic Director at New Spire Arts', is working to create the cohesive tissue that connects Frederick's art community. Lucas spoke with host Colin McGuire and News-Post features reporter Imade Borha discuss the art organization's progress. Renovation plans are under way for New Spire Arts' two buildings, and there is a full schedule of youth and adult workshops this summer. 

Lucas also discussed her time living in New York, where her filming career began during the tumultuous time of 9/11.

Leaving New York meant a suburban life for Lucas' six-year-old twins, who already display artistic talent. As a mother of young, growing artists, Lucas shared how she hopes New Spire Arts trains the Frederick community in the art of storytelling. 

Ep. 030 - Liz Barrett

Recorded during a Facebook Live discussion, FCPS Board of Education Vice President Liz Barrett joins host Colin McGuire and News-Post education reporter Allen Etzler to talk about the board's recent decision to protect transgender students, as well as FCPS' redistricting ruling which will move more than 1,200 students to account for the opening of Butterfly Ridge Elementary School.

Ep. 029 - Lin Caywood

Pilot Lin Caywood will compete in the Air Race Classic in her Cessna 182 four-seater plane on June 20. The four-day, cross-country women-only competition has been in existence since 1929, when Amelia Earhart placed third. This year the race begins in Frederick, with 100 pilots taking of from Frederick Municipal Airport in 30-second intervals. Caywood joined host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Anna Muckerman to talk about the race.

Ep. 028 - Bill Andrews

The case made headlines all over the world — a Frederick woman attacked by a black bear in the woods outside her home.

Dispatcher Bill Andrews, who fielded the initial 911 call, was credited with saving the woman’s life for his quick thinking and calm demeanor during the attack. He even won emergency medical dispatch (EMD) provider of the year from the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems for his service, only the third time a dispatcher from Frederick County has won the award.

Andrews sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post health reporter Kate Masters to discuss what goes on behind the scenes at the dispatch center and what went through his mind when he received the call. Kate also quizzed Andrews to see if he could distinguish fake 911 calls from real ones.

Ep. 027 - Tanya Obreiter

Frederick resident Tanya Obreiter, a cell biologist for the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, recently won on Jeopardy. She joins host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Kate Masters to talk about her experience on the show.

Ep. 026 - Comptroller Peter Franchot

Comptroller of Maryland Peter Franchot joins host Colin McGuire and News-Post senior reporter Danielle E. Gaines to talk his work with the governor, his opposition to a bill regulating the state’s craft breweries last General Assembly session and his goals for the “Reform on Tap” task force he created, which will meet for the first time this week in an effort to re-examine and rewrite the state’s alcohol laws.

Ep. 025 - Mike Spurrier

Mike Spurrier, executive director of the Frederick Community Action Agency, joins host Colin McGuire and News-Post Reporter Nancy Lavin to talk about his agency as well as the results of the 2017 point-in-time survey, which was conducted in January.

Spurrier also shared a few personal details: his vegetarian diet, what he thinks is the best song ever written and the story behind his ear piercing — trust us, you'll want to hear this. Bonus points if you can keep up with all the acronyms used.

Ep. 024 - Teacher of the Year Karima Sharper

Frederick County Public Schools teacher of the year Karima Sharper, special education teacher at Centerville Elementary School joins host Colin McGuire and News-Post education reporter Allen Etzler to talk about her work in the classroom as well as the Audi Q5 she won along with the award.

Ep. 023 - Cameron Nutting and Geordie Wilson

With Ogden Newspapers officially taking over ownership of The Frederick News-Post on Monday, Cameron Nutting, director of strategic initiatives & operations for Ogden, and Publisher Geordie Wilson join host Colin McGuire and reporter Allen Etzler on this week's episode of Frederick Uncut. 

Nutting and Wilson discuss the transition from one fifth generation newspaper family to another as well as the original offer Nutting's grandfather made for the paper in the early 1960's, said to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Ep. 022 - Maryland Sen. President Mike Miller

Mike Miller.jpeg

Mike Miller, who was first elected to the State House in 1970 and has served as the Maryland Senate president since 1986 — counts the Clinton family as friends and is known for a straightforward leadership style that can include some tough talk.

On Uncut, he shared information about his family’s ancestry, Donald Trump’s presidency and his favorite Western Maryland story, which involves cannibalism.