Ep. 056 - Aje Hill


On the latest episode of Frederick Uncut, Aje Hill, founder of the charity I Believe in Me, sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Nancy Lavin to talk about his past and the future of his program.

He eventually hopes to start chapters nationwide, helping children who lack the support networks in their families or communities to overcome their circumstances and find success. 

Ep.055 - Alderman Josh Bokee


Come Dec. 14, Frederick Alderman Josh Bokee will hang up his political hat after one term on the board.

On the latest episode of Frederick Uncut, Bokee sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Mallory Panuska to talk about everything from his time on the dais over the last four years and some of the hot-button city issues he tackled, to running across the Bay Bridge and the surprising deliciousness of McDonald’s new chicken tenders.

The current mayor and Board of Aldermen will hold their last public hearing Thursday, with the new elected officials set to be sworn in on Dec. 14.

Ep. 054 - Officer Dan Sullivan


Frederick Police Department Officer Dan Sullivan, a former Army Green Beret soldier and current instructor, joins host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Jeremy Arias to discuss his role in the FPD Police Academy. Sullivan talks about some of the techniques he brought to the academy and how he gets inside recruits' head.

GC Police Academy- Dan Sullivan.jpg

Ep. 053 - Tom England


Tom England, co-owner of Dancing Bear Toys and Gifts in Frederick, sits down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Nancy Lavin to share the secrets to his business success and why you won't find any battery-powered toys on the shelves at Dancing Bear.

They also discuss Frosty Friday, the downtown Frederick alternative to Black Friday, and England's career journey from scientist and government contractor to toymaker and seller. Plus, England takes a gander on which of the 2017 nominees made the cut into the National Toy Hall of Fame — the suspense will be worth it, we promise.

Ep. 052 - Carin Robinson, Hood College Professor


Carin Robinson, a political science professor at Hood College since 2009, helped organize the “Training Ms. President” program — a collaboration of Hood College, Goucher College, Washington College and Mount St. Mary’s University — a multi-day seminar each year for young women interested in pursuing careers in politics.

In the latest episode of the Frederick Uncut podcast, Robinson joined host Colin McGuire and Frederick News-Post reporter Danielle E. Gaines to talk about women in politics and the intersection of politics and religion, a focus of her research.

Ep. 051 - Kenyon Parker, WWII Veteran


On the latest episode of Frederick Uncut, Parker, 92, shares his story of life before, during and after the war, and how he's adapted to nearly a century of societal changes. Podcast host Colin NcGuire and News-Post reporter Nancy Lavin also talk about The News-Post's special publication, "Voices of Valor," which pays homage to more than 50 WWII veterans who live in Frederick County, including Parker.

Their stories offer a glimpse into the lives of the "Greatest Generation" — across theaters and branches of service, of men and women, black and white and Japanese-American, some who experienced battle and bloodshed and others whose service was unlike the Hollywood characterization of war. 

Ep. 050 - Ron Angleberger (Halloween Edition)


For almost two decades, Angleberger has operated Maryland Heritage Tours, which offers ghost tours of downtown Frederick, as well as tours of cemeteries and Civil War battlegrounds.

Angleberger joined host Colin McGuire and Frederick News-Post reporter Danielle E. Gaines for a spooky Halloween edition of the Frederick Uncut podcast.

Ep. 049 - Walter K. Olson


You may know Walter K. Olson because he’s a leading figure in Maryland’s congressional redistricting debate. Or from his articles as a fellow at the Cato Institute. Or maybe his nationally known blog, "Overlawyered." Or perhaps as an unbridled cheerleader for the town of New Market, where he lives.

In the latest episode of the Frederick Uncut podcast, Olson joined host Colin McGuire and Frederick News-Post reporter Danielle E. Gaines to talk about politics and law, nationally and locally.

Ep. 048 - Heartly House's Inga James


News that a convicted sex offender in Michigan was granted joint legal custody of the child born to the woman he raped hits closer to home than local residents might realize.

Maryland is among the six states, including Michigan, where a rapist can be granted parental rights. Inga James, executive director of Heartly House, is among advocates who want to see that changed.

James sat down with Frederick Uncut host Colin McGuire and social services reporter Nancy Lavin to discuss the policies, people and services that shape her work with Frederick County's only comprehensive service hub for domestic assault, sexual assault and child abuse victims.

Ep. 047 - Frederick Mayoral Candidate Forum


Republican Mayor Randy McClement and his Democratic challenger, Alderman Michael O’Connor join host Colin McGuire and News-Post editor Chris Kinsler for this joint episode of Frederick Uncut, answering questions about downtown blight, the proposed downtown hotel and conference center, the new police headquarters, transportation priorities, and property tax rates.

They also explained how they align with their party platforms and summarized their three main goals if elected, or re-elected, to the city’s highest office in November.

Ep. 046 - Will Anderson


17-year-old Walkersville High School student Will Anderson, the student member of the Frederick County Board of Education joins host Colin McGuire and News-Post education reporter Allen Etzler to discuss his role as a non-voting representative of Frederick County public school students.


Ep. 045 - Brian Smith

As Frederick puts a cap on the fair for 2017, Brian Smith, stage manager for The Great Frederick Fair, joined The Uncut Podcast to talk about his 42-year career working at the fair and meeting Johnny Cash.

Smith has worked at the fair since his sophomore year of high school. Host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Samantha Hogan talk with Smith about his favorite fair foods, the craziest problems Mother Nature has thrown at the maintenance crew and what keeps him coming back.

Ep. 044 - Andrea Walker and Sarah Drennan


With opioid addiction at record levels in Maryland, Andrea Walker and Sarah Drennan are busy considering what can be done in Frederick County.

Walker, the director of Behavioral Health Services for the Frederick County Health Department, and Drennan, a clinical services manager for behavioral health, sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post health reporter Kate Masters to discuss the scope of the addiction problem and the newest treatments being considered in Frederick County. A syringe exchange program, for example, is being studied for feasibility. Another work group hopes to establish a 24-hour detox center by the end of 2019.

Ep. 042 - FPD Chief Ed Hargis

GC Police Ice Cream SA.jpg

When Chief Ed Hargis took the helm of the Frederick Police Department in July of 2015, he had three decades of policing experience to draw on. Now Hargis is steering the Frederick Police Department as it tries to grow and evolve alongside a booming city.

The department is incorporating new policing technology, engaging in expansive recruiting efforts and lobbying for a $17.2 million headquarters.  

Hargis sat down with host Colin McGuire and Frederick News-Post reporter Cameron Dodd for a special taping of Frederick Uncut. Hargis discussed his early career Camden, New Jersey, his goals for the Frederick Police Department and his Metallica fandom. 

Ep. 041 - Attorney General Brian Frosh

Brian Frosh.jpg

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh has spent nearly three decades in public office, but his earliest inspiration came from a “quirky” place. During a conversation with Frederick Uncut guest host Allen Etzler and Frederick News-Post senior reporter Danielle E. Gaines, the attorney general talked about how politics and his worldview formed from a young age.

Frosh also detailed his office’s newly expanded powers, which include the ability to sue the federal government without first seeking approval from the governor or General Assembly.

The expanded powers — which more than 40 other state attorneys general already held — were included in a package of bills that Democratic lawmakers in Annapolis said would help counter action — or inaction — by President Donald Trump’s White House.

Ep. 040 - Shari Ostrow Scher


In 2005 Shari Ostrow Scher founded the Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership, a nonprofit organization which benefits children and families of people held in the Frederick County Adult Detention Center. Ostrow Scher joins host Colin McGuire and News-Post courts reporter Kelsi Loos to discuss the work being done by the one-of-a-kind organization.

Ostro Scher says when a parent is incarcerated the family is almost always thrown into poverty. "That child needs to know that they're going to have their food and their clothing and their life and often that doesn't happen," she said in this latest episode of the Frederick Uncut podcast.

Ep. 039 - Hermine Bernstein

Hermine Bernstein, program coordinator for the Frederick chapter of Blessings in a Backpack, sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Nancy Lavin to talk about her expansion goals, program details and other need-to-knows such as her favorite pizza joint and the fifth-grade teacher who inspired her own teaching career.

Blessings in a Backpack is a national organization that provides meals to students in need on weekends and other times when they will not get food through school lunch programs.

Ep. 038 - Andrea Chapdelaine

Hood College president Andrea Chapdelaine sits down with host Colin McGuire and education reporter Allen Etzler to talk about ongoing higher education issues both locally at Hood College and nationwide.

Chapdelaine, who studied law and social justice in college, talked about free speech on college campuses, and discussed the school's reasoning not to punish the Hood College Republicans for displaying a board with several controversial statements that drew the ire of some students and faculty. 

Ep. 037 - Eric Rhodes

Eric Rhodes, race co-director of the National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race, sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Nancy Lavin to talk about the sixth annual event being held this year on Aug. 12. Rhodes also shares the story of his foray into high wheel cycling and how many high wheel bicycles he actually owns — it’s more than some people’s shoe collections — and how exactly he got the English high wheel bicycle back to Frederick.