Ep. 78 - Brunswick prom king talks being trangender


A Brunswick High School teen joined the Frederick Uncut podcast this week to talk about being transgender in high school.

GC Brunswick Trans Prom King.jpg

Mark, a senior at Brunswick who was recently voted prom king, opened up to host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Allen Etzler about the trans community at Brunswick High School.

Mark has experienced very different attitudes in school and at home in regards to his status as a trans person, he said. School has often been the place where he feels most like he can be himself.

In the coming weeks, Mark will continue the next step in his transition, and begin testosterone injections, which he will receive for the rest of his life, he said. Mark broke down the process of how a trans person gets testosterone, and expressed his excitement about growing facial hair.

Mark also talked about his prom king victory and mentioned that a student who originally walked out of prom after Mark won later apologized for his behavior.

For much of high school, Mark has been romantically involved with several partners. He talked about dating as a trans person, and said one of the first things he mentions to a potential partner is that he is transgender. Mark said typically, the partner has been understanding and supportive and it hasn’t affected the relationship.

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