Ep. 76 - Kathy Afzali, Republican Candidate for County Executive


Del. Kathy Afzali (R-District 4) says she is “in it to win it” when discussing her run for Frederick County Executive.

The State Delegate joined host Colin McGuire and News-Post political reporter Danielle E. Gaines to discuss her candidacy for Frederick County Executive.

Afzali said her competitive spirit was in some ways forged in her former career as a dancer of relatively short stature on Broadway. She appeared in “Cats,” “Peter Pan” and “Grease.”

In that regard, she revealed that her biggest regret — not only in politics but in life— was getting in a 2012 Congressional race she was destined to lose. Afzali had heard that incumbent Roscoe Bartlett was going to bow out of the election that year, but he didn’t. Afzali ended up losing to him in the District 6 primary by a vote of 17,600 to 4,115 and garnering the ire of local republicans.

“It was really painful and people hated me,” she said. “I mean, the venom!”

Despite her competitive streak, she touted the importance of fostering a more collaborative environment in county government.

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