Ep. 81 - Daniel Phoenix Singh, executive director of New Spire Arts


Daniel Phoenix Singh wants everyone to be closer to the arts — and to integrate arts and creativity into more aspects of everyday life.

Singh, who has been executive director of New Spire Arts since January, has a big vision for artists in Frederick and bringing more creative influence to areas like urban planning and education.

He wants Frederick’s children to explore art and dance and music in new ways and apply those skills to other areas of life like conflict resolution. And he wants New Spire Studios to be a place where artists of all ages can learn new skills without fear of failure or judgment.

On the latest episode of Frederick Uncut, Singh sat down with podcast host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Danielle E. Gaines to talk about embracing his love of arts in the U.S. after immigrating from India in his late teens. He also shares his Bollywood favorites and the role of art in his personal development.

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