Ep. 83 - Kris Fair, president of the board of directors for The Frederick Center


Kris Fair caught his first glimpse of a gay relationship watching "Queer as Folk" through his family's home TV.

It was the early 2000s and Fair, then a student at Linganore High School, didn't know anyone who was "out" as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ): none of his classmates, his teachers or community members. Fair himself was unsure of his sexual orientation; he thought he liked men, but was somewhat convinced by the systemic mantra that it was "just a phase."

A chance perusal through the Sunday night TV options led him to the Showtime TV series, which he could only view through a scrambled picture because his family did not subscribe to that channel. 

Fast forward almost two decades, and Fair's then-concealed and uncertain identity as a gay man has become an integral part of his life and advocacy for LGBTQ rights, including as president of the board of directors for The Frederick Center.

On the latest episode of Frederick Uncut, Fair sat down with host Colin McGuire and News-Post reporter Nancy Lavin to detail the journey of acceptance, both personally and community-wide, that has occurred with regard to the LGBTQ community. Among the many signs of progress is the expansion of Frederick Pride, which will hold its 7th annual event Saturday in downtown Frederick.

What began as a small community picnic in Ballenger Creek — not even titled a "Pride" event to avoid some controversy, according to Fair — has blossomed into a full celebration along Carroll Creek Linear Park.

Fair also shares his own "coming out" story, reflections on his recent bid for political office, and his favorite TV show ... which, surprisingly, is not "Queer as Folk."

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