Ep. 85 - Stuart Harvey, Frederick County Election Director


After months of preparation and many long days, Frederick County Election Director Stuart Harvey can finally take a breather — at least a short one.

Not only will Harvey and his staff soon transition to the general election in November, but they’ll also assist with the upcoming city election in Brunswick.

Harvey took some time this week to stop by the studio for the latest episode of Frederick Uncut, with host Colin McGuire and News-Post City Editor Pete McCarthy.

Harvey opened up about what first got him interested in politics, which resulted in a career overseeing elections. On this week's episode, find out the greatest challenges associated with preparing for an election, including what happens when unforeseen issues pop up at the last minute.

Harvey also explained what the typical days and weeks are like leading up to the primary. Here's a hint: Picture 80-hour workweeks.

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