Ep. 90 - Paige Tolbard, student member of the BOE


Track star, outspoken advocate for minorities, Spanish-speaker and Kardashian-hater. Paige Tolbard is the newly-minted Student Member of the Board of Education, and she's launching her tenure on the board with a bang. 

Uncut Paige Tolbard.jpg

When things got heated during a conversation about racism and the achievement gap at last Wednesday's board meeting, Tolbard says she spoke for the students who would otherwise be unrepresented. A senior at Frederick High School, she ran a campaign on promoting school safety and providing information in both Spanish and English for the growing population of English Learners in Frederick County. 

On the latest episode of Frederick Uncut, Tolbard sat down with News-Post county government reporter Allen Etzler and News-Post education reporter Emma Kerr to bring us inside the mind of the modern high school student, tell us a little about the personal experience she brings to her new role and address the challenges of being heard as a student. 

She also tells you about her favorite star, Jake Paul — just kidding — and her primary means to getting a laugh: Twitter. 

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