How to pick out the perfect Valentine's Day chocolate


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, some couples will be scrambling to find the perfect gift. Randy Olmstead, chef and owner of Perfect Truffle in Frederick, has a business designed not just to fill the need for last-minute gift but fulfill the dreams of local candy lovers.

The chef said couples should think about what flavors the other person likes instead of simply buying any box of chocolate. Instead, the holiday can be made special by what is bought, he said.

“I’m going on 32 years of marriage, and I’ve learned that just you don’t just buy something. There has to be reason behind it,” Olmstead said.

This week, Frederick Uncut producer Emma Kerr visited Perfect Truffle to learn about how the chocolates are made. Olmstead detailed how he picks the perfect combination, such as his white ginger pear tea. The chef said not all candy is made equal.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how Olmstead uses 17 different chocolates in his blends, along with the process of melting chocolate to put it back in the perfect solid form.

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