Community gardens around the city help address food insecurity


Connie Ray, program manager of the Frederick Food Security Network, and Hood College student Heidi Gonzalez Ramirez spent Monday morning digging holes.

The two were helping to build a greenhouse that will be used as part of the Frederick Food Security Network. The network uses produce from community gardens around the city, including those at The Frederick News-Post, to help provide fresh fruit and vegetables to those living in food deserts.

Ray and Ramirez joined Frederick Uncut producer Heather Mongilio to talk about the Frederick Food Security Network, community gardens and a new cold storage room through a grant from the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek.

Later, features reporter Kate Masters joins Mongilio to talk about her two-part series on statues in Frederick. Masters wrote about fashion designer Claire McCardell, whom people can thank for ballet flats and pockets on dresses.

A statue honoring McCardell is planned. This week in 72 Hours, Masters looks at other well-known statues around the area, including trying to figure out what the statue outside Frederick City Hall is called.

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