Frederick Playlist - Soren Dodge

For this edition of the Frederick Playlist podcast, Soren Dodge joins us to talk about what it's like to be the manager of The Record Exchange, how hard it is to get your music out there as a local band in 2017 and some of his previous bands, which includes, among others, Dead Monks. We also hear a song, "Good Omen," which is from his super secret still-in-progress solo project. 

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Frederick Playlist - Waylon K. Smith

For this episode of the Frederick Playlist podcast, we sit down with Waylon K. Smith of the Pennsylvania progressive folk group The Positronic Cats. We discuss horror stories from the road, Game Of Thrones, film soundtracks and the band's latest record, "Mortal Cathedrals." Stick around for the end, when you can hear the group's latest single, "Glitter."

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Frederick Playlist - Nick Ring

For this episode of the Frederick Playlist podcast, we catch up with Nick Ring, the lead singer of Frederick funk band Jack Funk. Among the things we discuss are the breakup - and subsequent reunion - of his band earlier this year, the influence of Dave Matthews, and what's next for the funky four-piece. We also listen to a live version of their song, "Beat City."

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Frederick Playlist - Kelsi Loos

For this episode of the Frederick Playlist podcast, we welcome in Kelsi Loos, guitarist for Baltimore rock band Santa Librada. We talk about how the band got together, some Baltimore groups people from Frederick should check out, and the neat story behind how the band got its name. We also listen to the group's song, "Unfit Mutter."

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Frederick Playlist- Bead Gawd

For this edition of the Frederick Playlist podcast, we welcome in local hip-hop artist Bead Gawd, who most recently used to go by the name Passport Sport. In recent months, however, he's changed his name and in this episode, you'll hear why. You'll also hear his thoughts on the new Jay-Z record, the Frederick hip-hop scene and when we can expect new music from the Bead Gawd moniker. 

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Frederick Playlist- Jordan Miller


Frederick musician Jordan Miller joins the podcast to chat about his bands Time Columns and Luna & The Lost Keys as well as what life is like on the road and his studio, Gypsy Cab Studios. When can we expect new music from any of his projects? Have a listen and find out!

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Frederick Playlist- Preview of the Frederick Jazz Festival

On this edition of the Frederick Playlist podcast, host Colin McGuire talks to Kenny Darby and John Maestri, who are organizing the first-ever Frederick Jazz Festival, set to take place this Saturday at the Carroll Creek Amphitheater. Among the things discussed are the artists they booked to perform, how they came up with the idea for the festival in the first place and who they’re listening to most these days. Stick around for the end of the episode, where you can hear a tune from Jazz Fest artist Darryl Brenzel.

Frederick Playlist- Ricole Barnes

The Frederick Playlist podcast welcomes Ricole Barnes in for a brand new episode to talk about his band, DaMood, professional wrestling, what it’s like to turn 30 in hip-hop and how he plans on being part of three different projects releasing music this summer. Stick around for the end, when we premiere his brand new track, “Gimme Revolver."

Frederick Playlist- Bad Seed Rising

Franny and Aiden sit with host Colin McGuire to discuss the Frederick music scene, what it is to have success at such a young age and how it feels to be headlining the Weinberg Center for the Arts as part of the third-annual Frederick Music Showcase.