1/15/18 - Vikings miracle win, Eagles over Steelers and Wizards playoff hopes


On this week’s episode, FNP sports editor and longtime Minnesota Vikings fan Josh Smith reacts to his team’s miraculous victory over the New Orleans Saints in the NFL Divisional playoffs. How was he feeling as a once-commanding lead disappeared and then as an improbable final play saved their season? Does he have any more confidence the Vikings will beat the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend to reach a Super Bowl in their home stadium?

Josh, FNP sports reporter Greg Swatek and features editor Colin McGuire discuss the rest of the NFL playoff weekend, particularly the Jacksonville Jaguars surprising win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Can the Jags keep their improbable run going and upset New England to go to the Super Bowl?

Plus, do the Wizards need to make a move to have a chance in the NBA playoffs? And Greg goes to cinema school with his review of When Harry Met Sally.

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