Reactions to the inexplicable news that DJ Durkin has been retained as Maryland’s football coach

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On this week’s episode of Just Another Sports Podcast, sports editor Josh Smith, features editor Colin McGuire and host Greg Swatek react to the stunning news that DJ Durkin has been retained as the University of Maryland’s football coach.

In the wake of a lengthy investigation by the university into the death of Maryland football player Jordan McNair, who succumbed to heat stroke during a spring workout, the guys wonder how the university could have decided to keep the coach who oversaw the training methods and medical response that ultimately led to the tragedy. They also discuss what sort of ramifications this might have on the future on Maryland’s football program.

Plus, the Redskins are starting to look like a contender, especially on defense. The World Series ends with all sorts of connections to the Orioles. And is the WWE wrong to be conducting a show in Saudi Arabia?

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