Is LeBron is LeDone with the Cavs? Are the Caps in trouble? The Preakness and sports betting


Without host Greg Swatek there to hold their hands, Colin McGuire and Josh Smith manage to keep the podcast on the rails. 

The pair of editors discuss whether the Caps are in trouble in their series against the Lightning, whether LeBron is LeDone with the Cavs, and whether James Harden or Kevin Durant is the better offensive player.

They also delve into their favorite Preakness memories, and ponder if Justify can handle the eight-horse field this Saturday to continue his Triple Crown bid.

How excited is Colin that legal sports betting might be coming to a state near him? How quickly will it ruin his life? These questions — and more — are addressed in this week's episode, sans Swatek, who should return next week.

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