The World Cup final is set, Colin offers his takes on recent NBA news, plus the lack of buzz surounding the MLB All-Star Game

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Features editor Colin McGuire returns this week only to find that sports editor Josh Smith is off tending to family obligations. Nonetheless, Colin and host Greg Swatek have a myriad of topics to discuss.

A surprising World Cup final is set between France and Croatia. What has this tournament told us about its future? Who will the stars be four years from now? Is expanding the tournament a good idea?

After missing last week, Colin offers his takes on all of the big NBA news, including LeBron to the Lakers and DeMarcus Cousins to the Warriors. Is Golden State as unstoppable as everyone thinks it is?

Plus, with the Major League Baseball All-Star Game set to take place in Washington in less than a week, why hasn’t there been more buzz about the game in this area? What are some reasonable steps that can be taken to improve baseball? How much of the game is fixable?

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