Special guest- Washington Post columnist Barry Svrluga

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In the midst of an eventful summer on the D.C. sports landscape, Washington Post columnist Barry Svrluga joins sports editor Josh Smith, features editor Colin McGuire and host Greg Swatek on this week’s episode of Just Another Sports Podcast.

Svrluga, who built his reputation on covering a wide sports very well, shares his insights and perspective on the Capitals’ Stanley Cup run, the struggling Nationals, the chances that Bryce Harper stays in Washington and the recent resurgence of Tiger Woods.

After two solid months of regularly covering the Capitals run to the Cup, did the thrill of the story outweigh the grind and all of the late nights while on the chase? And, following years of failure, why were the Capitals finally able to break through this season?

How concerned should the Nationals be with a below .500 record in the final week of July? How much money will Bryce Harper command on the open market? How close is Tiger Woods to actually winning? And just how is he able to stay on top of so many sports and cover them all so well?

Svrluga also talks about the road that led him to becoming a sports columnist at the Post. After graduating from Duke University, he covered sports in the small town of Portland, Maine as well as Raleigh, North Carolina. He also shares his thoughts on the Post has become an industry leader in terms of putting female sports writers on prominent beats. 

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