NBA super-teams, looming decisions for the O's and Nats, local Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff

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With features editor Colin McGuire wandering around and hopefully not lost in the woods this week, sports editor Josh Smith holds down the fort with host Greg Swatek on this episode of Just Another Sports Podcast.

All of the big NBA news over the past week is discussed in detail. Is the future of the NBA as we know it in peril since All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins signed with the Warriors? What sort of impact will LeBron James have with the Lakers? Will Dwight Howard help the Wizards become more of a contender?

In baseball, major decisions have to be made about the Orioles' future by the end of the month. What should they do? Will the people making the major decisions be around much longer? Plus, why are the Nationals struggling so badly? And why doesn’t there seem to more of a buzz around the All-Star Game being in Washington in two weeks?

Josh and Greg name the best athletes they have watched in person in every major sport. They also share their thoughts on the World Cup and Tiger Woods as the pied piper of golf.

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