Reactions to the death of a UMD football player and culture that led to it

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On this week’s episode of Just Another Sports Podcast, the culture of football comes into focus.

As controversial training methods with the University of Maryland football program that contributed to the death of a player came to light, sports editor Josh Smith, features editor Colin McGuire and host Greg Swatek discuss the public’s and media’s reaction to the story and how the university should handle its ongoing fallout.

While Terrapins coach DJ Durkin is likely to lose his job, should Ohio State Urbana Meyer keep his after he reportedly knew that one of his assistants physically abused his wife and kept him on the staff? Does Meyer’s success as a coach insulate him more than it should? Is anything likely to change about how big-time college treat their players or prepare them for games?

The guys also discuss Tiger Woods’ second-place finish at the PGA Championship, the Nationals’ fizzling playoff hopes and the impressive play of some NFL rookie quarterbacks in training camp and the preseason. 

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