Redecorating the baseball Hall

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On the heels of Hall of Fame weekend for pro football, this episode of Just Another Sports Podcast takes a hard look at the Baseball Hall of Fame and who should be in and, more specifically, who shouldn't?

FNP managing editor Chris Kinsler joins sports editor Josh Smith and host Greg Swatek for this special episode. Kinsler is embarking on an ambitious product of chopping the Baseball Hall of Fame down to the 100 most deserving players, according to him.

Kinsler feels the Hall of Fame is somewhat watered down by many players who were very good players, but don't quite fit the stature of being worthy of the Hall.

The guys discuss some of the most prominent guys who should not be in, as well as some of the most egregious snubs. Kinsler also shows off his encyclopedic baseball knowledge by discussing in detail some of the more obscure players who have been enshrined.

What inspired this project? And how does he retain all of this information? Kinsler tells us on this week's episode.

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