NFL rules changes and how they're influencing the outcome of games

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NFL rule changes are now influencing the outcomes of games, and that’s what sports editor Josh Smith, features editor Colin McGuire and host Greg Swatek dive into on this week’s episode of Just Another Sports Podcast.

In both of the ties during the first two weeks of the NFL season, the outcome has been directly affected by the new interpretation of the roughing-the-passer penalty. First, the league admitted that Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett was erroneously flagged for sacking Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger during a 21-21 tie in Week 1. Instead of settling for a field-goal try, the penalty gave the Steelers’ drive new life, and they scored a touchdown on the next play.

Then, last Sunday, Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was flagged for taking down Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins on what appeared to be a textbook sack, negating what would have been a game-ending interception and Green Bay win. The teams played on to a 29-29 tie. 

The guys discuss whether this is the new normal in the NFL and whether players, coaches and fans should condition themselves to these types of calls being made.

Plus, the guys weigh in the poor attendance at Redskins games, Greg and Colin make a bet ahead of the Browns-Jets game and the Orioles hit a historic low.

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