Mike Trout's new deal, questions about LeBron's future and Robert Kraft's legal trouble

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Is Mike Trout’s new $430 million actually a bargain? Has LeBron James’ time as a dominant player come to an end? Is Robert Kraft making sound legal decisions?

Those are prime topics batted around this week on Just Another Sports Podcast. For the second consecutive week, FNP managing editor Chris Kinsler joins sports editor Josh Smith and host Greg Swatek to share his insights.

What does Trout’s new deal with the Angels say about Bryce Harper and the record deal he recently signed with the Phillies? Can the mismanagement of the Lakers be turned around with LeBron on the roster? And how confident should Kraft be that he can successfully fend off prostitution charges?

Plus, there is some bracket talk and more people are being thrown onto the Boat to Nowhere.

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