Adam Kilgore, national sports reporter for The Washington Post

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In this special episode of Just Another Sports Podcast, host Greg Swatek and sports editor Josh Smith talk with guest Adam Kilgore about his job as a national sports reporter for The Washington Post.

The Pulitzer Prize-winner discusses the impact of star tight end Rob Gronkowski's retirement from the Patriots, a team Kilgore covered closely during their recent run to the Super Bowl championship. He gives his take on how long New England's NFL dominance can last and discusses the morning-after web story he wrote that analyzed, with incredible depth, just how the Pats shut down the Los Angeles Rams' high-powered offense to win their sixth title.

Previously the Post's Washington Nationals beat writer, Kilgore talks about the paper's coverage of Bryce Harper's free agency and tells the guys what he thinks is the coolest part of being a sportswriter.

Also, Greg and Josh give an NFL quarterback his ticket to the Boat to Nowhere and recap some of their favorite moments from the first week of the NCAA tournament.

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