The what-could-have-been athletes

What-if and what-could-have-been scenarios have driven sports conversations for decades. And this week’s episode of Just Another Sports Podcast follows that course, as sports editor Josh Smith, sports writer Joe Ferraro and host Greg Swatek wonder how much different, and even how much better the careers of certain prolific athletes would and could have been had they not gotten injured.

What if Mickey Mantle didn’t injure his knee and shoulder in Yankees’ World Series games? What if Bo Jackson had a good hip for the duration of his career? What if Monica Seles didn’t get stabbed? How much differently would their careers have played out, and what sort of impact would that have had on sports, in general?

The guys talk about a number of different athletes from a variety of different sports whose careers were never quite when they could have been.

Plus, the Boat to Nowhere gets a little more crowded, and Greg shares his experience with former Frederick High football star Chuck Foreman over the weekend at a youth football camp.

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