New NBA lanscape, MLB homer binge

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Back from a week away and playing shorthanded without the vacationing Josh Smith, FNP sports writer Joe Ferraro joins host Greg Swatek on this week’s episode of Just Another Sports Podcast.

In the span of a couple of weeks, the NBA landscape has shifted dramatically. The guys talk about how wide-open the league now feels and how the NBA has finally achieved the parity it has wanted for so long. And are the Los Angeles Clippers, the laughingstock of the league for so many years, now the prohibitive favorite to win the championship?

The guys also talk about the All-Star Game and some of the hot-button issues floating around Major League Baseball, such as the home-run surge that has taken over the sport. Is Commissioner Rob Manfred to be believed that MLB did not “juice” the baseball to promote home runs and that owners are actually concerned about the number of home runs being hit?

Plus, what will be the last impact of the United States’ latest victory in the Women’s World Cup and who is being banished to the Boat to Nowhere?

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