What's it like to cover an NFL team? Vikings reporter Matthew Coller talks about his job

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With the NFL season nearing, Just Another Sports Podcast welcomes a guest that makes sports editor Josh Smith's journalism geekiness overfloweth, as he and Greg Swatek are joined by Matthew Coller — the Minnesota Vikings reporter for Skor North 1500AM and skornorth.com in Minneapolis.

Coller talks about what it's like covering an NFL team day to day. What's the best part of his job at this time of the year, even as preseason grinds through four largely meaningless exhibitions? How often does he get a chance to have coach Mike Zimmer break down a scheme with him? Why does Coller engage so many kooky Vikings fans (Josh included) on Twitter?

Coller discusses his desire to develop unique angles and grind game tape for analytical pieces that are adored by fellow football nerds — a group to which he unabashedly belongs, given his penchant for burning three hours watching 1990s Buffalo Bills games (he swears he was researching fullback Sam Gash) on YouTube and gushing over journeyman quarterbacks like Gus Frerotte or Ryan Fitzpatrick.

How does he view Andrew Luck's premature retirement? Will the Ravens or Redskins finish with a better record? Should Josh waste his money on NFL Sunday Ticket for the 15th straight season or just give up on the Vikings? Coller and the guys touch on these and many other topics.

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