Rep. Delaney's bid for the Oval Office 8/3/17

News-Post political reporter Danielle Gaines spoke via phone with Rep. John Delaney D-6th to talk about his recently-announced bid for President of the United States. Delaney, who announced he would not seek reelection to his seat in congress said early reaction to campaign announcement has been positive.

In Session- 4/12/17


With the General Assembly no longer in session and News-Post senior reporter Danielle E. Gaines back in the newsroom, we put a wrap on the In Session (Out of Session?) series, recapping what became of all those bills we discussed over the months.

In Session- 4/7/17


As the General Session nears its conclusion, catch up on the most recent developments in Annapolis with host Colin McGuire and News-Post senior reporter Danielle E. Gaines.

Producer's note: due to an exporting malfunction, a previous version of this episode lacked the Host's microphone channel.


In Session- 3/30/17

With the session nearing its end host Colin McGuire catches up on what's happening in Annapolis with News-Post senior reporter Danielle Gaines. This week we talk about the State budget being passed, which includes funding for the downtown Frederick hotel and conference center, a bill in the senate that would increase the amount of beer breweries can sell on premise but reduces the hours they can serve.

In Session- 3/24/17

In this episode we talk about the importance of "Crossover Day" in the General Assembly and what's going on in an effort to take the state planning secretary's salary out of next year's budget. Other topics include Gov. Larry Hogan's approval rating, congressional redistricting, and capital budget funding for the proposed downtown Frederick hotel and conference center project. 

In Session- 3/10/17

Host Colin McGuire and News-Post senior reporter Danielle E. Gaines catch up about the week's developments, including a proposed bill that would require drivers to only use the left lane to pass other cars, a bill that would regulate antique replica firearms, state support for independent films, among other topics.

In Session- 3/3/17

FNP Politics.JPG

Host Colin McGuire catches up with News-Post senior reporter Danielle E. Gaines about the week's developments in Annapolis. Topics covered this week include the Governor's proposal for non-partisan redistricting, his approval rating, the reprimanding of a delegate, paid sick leave and a quick note about the touching moment a Frederick resident who had been jailed in Gambia was reunited with family at Dulles International Airport.


In Session- 2/26/17

Halfway through the 90-day General Assembly, senior reporter Danielle E. Gaines checks in with host Colin McGuire to talk about developments in Annapolis, including transportation funding, frog dissection, immigration enforcement and you guessed it- ethics.

In Session- 2/17/17

This week on In Session News-Post senior reporter Danielle E. Gaines calls in to discuss with host Colin McGuire the odd series of events that led to carbon copies of a bill being submitted in the Maryland Senate which precipitated a public rebuke by Sen. Ronald Young whom wrote the language.

Also, the story behind HB 666 and the fate “mark of the beast” bills over the years.

In Session- 2/10/17

Senior reporter Danielle Gaines calls in from Annapolis to talk about developments in the General Assembly, including a bill that would give the student member of the Board of Education voting power.