Episode 136 - Craft Beer Across the Pond Part 1

“A Swede, a German, and an American walk into a brewery…”

Way back on April 1 Keith Marcoux, co-founder of Olde Mother Brewing Company, sent me a text that said “Do you want to do a culture podcast with American brewers from Sweden and Germany?I know both and they are here on vaca at the same time!”. Once I figured out he wasn’t trying to pull some sort of lame April Fools joke on me I jumped at the opportunity. A few days later David Renninger (owner of Libertus Craft Brewing in Germany), Peter Lincoln (owner of Brewing Koltur in Sweden), Keith, and I met up to record an episode about craft beer culture in Sweden and Germany. This is part one of a two part podcast.

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Today’s podcast is presented by Roasthouse Pub in Frederick.