02/13/18 - Chuck Nichols, Urbana Girls Soccer Coach

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Over the course of his 38-year coaching career, Urbana girls soccer coach Chuck Nichols has constantly had to adapt.

From learning how to better connect with his players, to finding new ways of communicating after a bout with cancer altered his voice, to adjusting his style to better accommodate girls instead of boys, Nichols’ willingness and ability to change is part of the reason why he has been so successful.

On this special joint edition of The Final Score and Frederick Uncut podcasts, Nichols chats with hosts Greg Swatek and Colin McGuire about his early life as a soccer player, his transition into coaching, all of the people who have helped him be so successful and his recent decision to step away from coaching.

Why did he decide to retire now? How much will he miss doing the job?

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