In The Booth- Alan Imhoff, candidate for alderman

Imhoff, Alan.jpg

When former Frederick Alderman Alan Imhoff realized on the last day of the filing period for the 2017 city election that only one Republican had filed for alderman, he decided to come out of retirement and try his hand once again at public office.

The 70-year-old retiree and part-time professor entered the world of politics as a Democrat in 2001 with an unsuccessful run for mayor. In 2005, he switched his party and desired office and was elected as a Republican to the Board of Aldermen. In both 2009 and 2013 he ran again for the board on the Republican ticket but lost both years in the general election.

Imhoff joins hosts News-Post city reporter Mallory Panuska and city editor Danielle Gaines to discuss his candidacy.